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Overview: On September 11, 2001 Miriam Horrocks-Isenberg's life changed forever. Miriam has spent the last 17 years assembling and mastering an assortment of skills for embracing life's challenges and unexpected gifts. Miriam is excited to share her life experiences and the concepts she applies daily for living a life of limitless possibilities!  

Date: Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019

Venue: Auditorium at Penn Valley Elementary School 

Attendees: Open to whole Lower Merion township community. 

Schedule: 7:30 PM  

About Miriam:

  • Widow of fallen 9/11 United Airlines First Officer, Michael Horrocks
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Motivational speaker and Transitional Empowerment Coach

Miriam Horrocks-Isenberg inspires everyone she encounters to live a life filled with limitless potential. On September 11, 2001 her husband’s plane was hijacked by terrorists and flown into the World Trade Center. We all watched the horrific events unfold. Miriam and her two small children lived them. In the face of evil, Miriam embraced her faith and as a result was blessed with the love and support of her family, friends, community and country. The grace she received provided the strength and courage she needed to crawl out from under her grief and create a life filled with joy and happiness. She is passionate about motivating, encouraging and guiding others as they step into their own exciting life journey’s.

In 2014, Miriam faced a cancer diagnosis. Miriam, quickly applied the life lessons she acquired following her 9/11 experience and embraced her cancer journey as an opportunity to deepen relationships and discover new beginnings. Against all odds, Miriam continues to find limitless potential for living a life filled with abundance. She lives everyday in love, laughter, forgiveness and peace.

Today, Miriam, a West Chester University graduate is living in Media, Pa. with her husband, Paul, their four children and two dogs. Miriam and Paul have successfully blended their loving family and their favorite times are the times they spend together. Miriam works at Medical Solutions Supplier, Inc., is pursing her Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling at Neumann University and enjoys her practice of yoga.

Miriam shares her gifts from the podium, in her coaching sessions and through her involvement with Bringing Hope Home, the non-profit organization her husband, Paul, founded in memory of his late wife. Miriam and Paul are committed to this organization which provides Unexpected Amazingness through financial assistance and emotional support to local families with cancer.