Menu for Lag B'omer from SAVVATI
May 23 5-7 pm
Wynnewood Valley -Remington- Park, Wynnewood 19096 

hot dog and bun-------------$3.
small burger and bun-------$4. 
jumbo burger and bun------$8.
grilled chicken cutlet--------$6.
veggie burger and bun-----$6
spicy wings (6)---------------$4.
rib steak------------------------$16. 

Meal Options
hot dog, bun, chips, corn, juice box----------$5.
small burger, bun, chips, corn, juice box----$6.
jumbo burger, bun, corn cob, veg.chili, water/soda--$12.
grilled cutlet, corn cob, veg.chili, cole slaw, water/soda-------$8.
rib steak, corn cob, veg. chili, cold slaw, water/soda---$20. 


corn cob---------------------- $1.00
cole slaw----------------------    .50
chips---------------------------    .50
juice box----------------------    .75
water bottle------------------  1.00
can of soda------------------  1.50
Snapple-----------------------  2.00
veggie skewer---------------  2.50
vegetarian chili--------------  1.00
tossed salad bowl----------  3.00
lg. brownie or lg.cookie---   1.00
watermelon slice-----------    1.00